Licentiam Participates in Hispanic Entrepreneur Small Business Roundtable with U.S. Senator Dick Durbin

image11491Licentiam Team’s Mark Vargas participated in a Hispanic entrepreneur small business roundtable with U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois on October 14th in Chicago. As the Assistant Minority Leader, Sen. Durbin is the second highest ranking Democrat in leadership in the Senate. The event was co-hosted by the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and 1871. During the briefing with Sen. Durbin, Mr. Vargas outlined Licentiam’s expedited physician licensing capability and health regulatory tools via a next generation RegTech platform.

“The Licentiam platform is unique, in that it will not only expedite the process for a physician to obtain their medical license, but it will also assist pharmaceutical companies in getting their drugs to the market faster,” said Mark Vargas. “By utilizing next generation RegTech tools, we’ll be able to expedite processes that in turn, will dramatically improve overall health outcomes across the U.S.”