Building an Armamentarium against Physician Burnout: Value of a Medical Licensing Service

Building an Armamentarium against Physician Burnout: Value of a Medical Licensing Service

In 2019, physicians are looking for simplicity and convenience when it comes to burdensome paperwork. But, more importantly they’re looking for ways not to burnout.

A recent article published by the American Medical Association states that more than half of physicians chose “too many bureaucratic tasks” as the leading cause of burnout.[1] So, when it comes to licensure and credentialing paperwork, medical licensing services can be a lifesaver. When you decided to go to medical school, you didn’t dream of endless hours of paperwork. You went to medical school because you had a passion for healing people.

Did you know that:

  • 80% of all U.S. medical license applications must be manually prepared
  • It takes at least 3-5 hours for one physician to manually fill out one application
  • Application processing time is doubled if you have a past medical malpractice claim or another reportable history
  • On average, a physician may need to make at least 2 phone calls to the medical board for updates on their license status
  • It can take the medical board 4-6 months to review and issue your medical license
  • Most successful telemedicine physicians hold at least 2 or more medical licenses

Putting it all together, you could be spending more than 10 hours over a 6-month period just to obtain 1 or 2 medical licenses. And, this doesn’t consider the time you need to spend keeping track of each state’s CME requirements and renewals. And, if you happen to buy a new house and move? Be prepared for a paperwork exercise to change your address right away. If the Board mails you a renewal notice and it bounces back, they could take disciplinary action against your license – we’ve seen it! Physicians have had disciplinary action taken against their licenses because they failed to notify the Board within 30 days that they had moved!

Let’s also monetize this: 10 hours of your time to prepare 1-2 licenses can be $2,000-$4,000 in lost opportunity costs.

So, here’s how a licensing and credentialing service adds value to you as a physician:

  • You’re assigned a dedicated licensing specialist that doesn’t change when you change jobs
  • Your licensing specialist can save you paperwork time and stress from calling the medical boards per application
  • Your ROI can be over $2000 per application
  • If you have multiple licenses, your licensing specialist can keep track of your renewals
  • More importantly, your licensing specialist can help you strategize the CMEs you can reuse state to state and what requirements you need
  • FCVS is only a piece of the paperwork pie – don’t confuse their credential management for credentialing you need to get reimbursed for your services. Totally different.

And, here are some of the things you should consider when assessing a medical licensing service:

  • Your dedicated licensing specialist should develop a licensing strategy with you before you make payment
  • A licensing strategy should be one that is tailor made to fit your exact needs; taking into consideration all government fees and government requirements coupled with your past personal history, if any
  • Once the licensing strategy is agreed upon, then you make a payment online via a secure website. Ask if your medical license service has a profile login for you and a secure website!
  • It’s important to note that medical license service fees are separate from state government fees – and a physician will need to pay both fees separately
  • Watch out for services that offer an “expedited” license for an additional fee. This is just another gimmick to charge you more money. States operate at their own pace.

** It’s important to note that your licensing specialist can never guarantee your medical license. Only the Medical Board can make that determination to accept your application.


Mark Vargas is president of Licentiam. His work as a tech entrepreneur and opinion writer have been featured in the Huffington Post, Fox News, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald.

[1] Berg, Aug 2018 Physician burnout: It’s not you, it’s your medical specialty (see:


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