Licentiam Wins 50-State Physician Licensing Contract with Multi-Billion Dollar Life Sciences Company

Posted By: Jason Reed

Licentiam Inc., headquartered in New Jersey, was recently awarded a multi-year contract for physician licensing services with a publicly traded, global life sciences company.


“Today, both physicians and companies recognize that simplicity and efficiency create a return on investment when managing burdensome paperwork and administrative tasks associated with medical licensing, renewal and continuing medical education compliance,” said Licentiam president Mark Vargas. “We’re honored to have earned the trust from a multi-billion-dollar, publicly traded life sciences company that is so widely known and respected around the world for their innovative work in healthcare.”


A recent article published by the American Medical Association stated that more than half of actively practicing physicians experience one symptom of burnout with “too many bureaucratic tasks” as the leading cause. Licentiam has been a leader in organizing and managing redundant medical licensing and credentialing paperwork for health professionals and healthcare companies alike.


Founded by health professionals, Licentiam is the next-generation licensing, credentialing and renewal management solution for healthcare professionals. The company’s unique expertise and innovative strategies have been featured in the Daily Herald, Chicago Sun-Times, The Huffington Post and Medill News Service at Northwestern University.


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