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    step 2: Tell us About You

    Upload your CV to Licentiam Vault & tell us what licenses, credentials, & renewals you need.

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    Step 3: We do the rest

    A Licentiam Specialist will be in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss next steps.

Have questions?  Call toll free 877-LICENTIAM (877-542-3684) to speak with a friendly Licentiam representative

Next Steps

  • Within 2-3 business days of your consultation, we will mail you a complete application, a Board task list (e.g. fingerprinting, background check, etc.), and a pre-paid Licentiam envelope.
  • Once you've completed the Board's tasks and signed the application (notarization may be required), mail us back all the documents in the pre-paid Licentiam envelope.
  • Your Licentiam Specialist will make sure everything looks good and send in your application to the Board.
  • Stay worry free - your Licentiam Specialist will keep in close and frequent contact with the Board to make sure your application is being timely processed.
  • After your application is successfully processed, the Board will send you your new license!
  • See FAQs for more information.

Licentiam Membership Advantage

  • Unlike our competitors, we're still here for you after you are licensed!
  • Do you need another license or insurance credential? Have an upcoming renewal? Tell your Licentiam Specialist, and we'll prepare the application for you.
  • Are you looking to expand your practice across state lines or start a telemedicine practice? We will work with you to develop a multi-state licensing strategy.
  • Do you already have licenses in multiple states and need help tracking them and staying compliant with different state requirements? That's our specialty - let us do it for you.
  • Are you having trouble getting a license in one or more states? Do you have malpractice issues or past disciplinary actions that are slowing down your license application? Let us take over for you - we are the 911 of medical licensing!
  • Moral of the story?  Don't go it alone.  At anytime, login to Licentiam Vault and connect with your Licentiam Specialist for all of your licensing and credentialing needs.
  • See FAQs for more information.

Have questions?  Call toll free 877-LICENTIAM (877-542-3684) to speak with a friendly Licentiam representative

  • Healthcare License, Credential, & Renewal Management Services*
  • $599 New state license application (10% off 5 or more licenses)
  • $399 New credential application
  • $199 Any license or credential renewal
  • $199 Emergency temporary license application
  • $99 Any miscellaneous application or form
  • Free! Access to dedicated Licentiam Specialist for all future licensing & credentialing needs
  • Annual subscription plans paid monthly are available for unlimited license renewals. Great value for multi-state license holders! Contact us for pricing information.
    *Includes information on-boarding, application completion, data entry verification, and submission. Manual Credentials Verification fee of $199 applies for FCVS opt-out. Additional processing fee applies for US Territories (e.g. Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands) and foreign medical licenses.
Have questions?  Call toll free 877-LICENTIAM (877-542-3684) to speak with a friendly Licentiam representative

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