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  1. Call customer service toll free at 877-LICENTIAM (877-542-3684) to speak directly to a friendly Licentiam representative.
  2. Send us a message using our Contact Us page and a friendly Licentiam representative will get back to you within one business day.

$599 per license which includes application preparation, submission, & follow-up with licensing or credentialing Board.  Shipping fees apply.  Does not cover fees charged by Board or fees for obtaining passport photos, notarizations, malpractice claim reports, background checks, fingerprinting, transcripts, verification of prior or existing licenses, or other documents necessary to complete your application review by the Board.  Manual Credentials Verification fee of $199 applies for FCVS opt-out. Additional processing fee applies for US Territories (e.g. Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands) and foreign medical licenses.

Board and government fees. Like all other license & credential preparation services, you will be responsible for all Board (government) fees involved with your application. This generally includes State licensing fees, passport photos, notarizations, malpractice claim reports, background checks, fingerprinting, transcripts, verification of prior or existing licenses, and all documents necessary to complete your application review by the Board. Because, these costs vary by state, your Licentiam Specialist will provide you with a cost overview and send you an itemized invoice so all costs are clear and transparent up front. There are no hidden costs or fees with Licentiam!

Licentiam is a turnkey service to help busy professionals get their licenses. First, sign up for Licentiam Healthcare License, Credential, & Renewal Management Services and login to Licentiam Vault. Next, schedule a time convenient for you to chat with a Licentiam Specialist. Tell us what licenses or credentials you need, and your Licentiam Specialist will do the rest. And, rest easy - we will keep you informed of the application status throughout the process and let you know if any additional information is needed. See How it Works for more information.

A Licentiam Specialist will either contact you within 1 business day of sending us a message, or you can reach out to us at 877-LICENTIAM (877-542-3684). We’ll work with you to get all the necessary information that the Board needs, and you can generally expect to receive the completed application for your signature within 2-3 business days of your consultation. Expedited options are available if needed and can be discussed with your Licentiam Specialist.

Every state Board or licensing agency has their own set of requirements.  Generally speaking, the process can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks, but there are many factors involved that influence this timeline including:

  1. What state you are applying to...some states have a much higher volume of applications such as NY, NJ, TX, CA, & FL.
  2. Application review processes at the state Board or licensing agency...each has their own internal timeline for how long it takes once a completed application is received.
  3. Difficulty in verifying your professional credentials and history...providing us with the most accurate, timely, and complete information is the best way to avoid this type of delay.
  4. Time of year...March through September tends to be most busy when new graduates are entering practice for the first time.

***Please note: Licentiam does not guarantee that a license will be issued after we submit your completed application.  Only the state Board or licensing agency can make that determination.

A secure, dedicated repository for your professional information that you can review and update in real time.  Upload and organize your current licenses, credentials, educational transcripts, training certifications, continuing education credits, all forms completed and submitted by Licentiam, and more!  By storing your documents in Licentiam Vault, your Licentiam Specialist will have easy access to the information needed to quickly start a new license or credential application, process a renewal, help you tackle a Board audit, change your mailing address with Boards, or to simply help you manage your professional papers.  You will receive a free subscription to Licentiam Vault with your purchase.

Other services only focus on preparing your application, and then they move on to the next client. Licentiam stays with you throughout your entire professional practice career – we help you get your license AND we can help you keep it in good standing. Rules, requirements, and regulations vary from state to state, and so a Licentiam Specialist is always there to help you stay in compliance and avoid any unnecessary and costly lapses in your ability to practice. We’re there for you during your entire professional practice career!

FCVS is a limited service of primary source verified credentials housed by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB); a trade association. Neither FSMB nor FCVS provide turnkey services to help you obtain a license, never mind helping you keep your license.  Credential verification is a manual, time-consuming process that prolongs application review and can significantly delay license approval.  Licentiam uses FCVS to streamline the credential verification process, and will establish your FCVS profile as part of our standard processes if not already set up.  Additional Licentiam fees apply for manual credential verification if you choose to opt out of using FCVS.

Absolutely!  The Licentiam platform is based on next-generation technology that has security and safeguards built in. Your professional and credit card information are protected by the strongest, most secure encryption protocols in the industry to prevent unauthorized access to your data including Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL), Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), and BitLocker encryption.

Yes. While Licentiam Services primarily handles the licensing and credentialing needs of physicians, our next-generation platform is profession agnostic - we can help any and all healthcare providers including physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, respiratory therapists, and all telehealth practices. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation to learn how Licentiam can help you with your professional licensing and credentialing needs.

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